A Tale of Two Wedges

Friday, 11 January 2019

This is a tale of how one person (me!) can sometimes get it so right and other times get it so wrong. It's the tale of my two wedged ankle boots.

Tale 1 (2015) 

I was in the market for a new pair of black boots. I scoured the internet for recommendations on the best boots to buy. I stumbled upon the Blondo brand of boots and fell in love. Apparently they're comfortable boots that are designed to be waterproof.


One little caveat; they're expensive. Much more expensive than the $80 price limit I'd unconsciously set for any new shoe purchase. So I waited for end of season sales and scored a good deal on a pair. Even though I thought the wedges were too high to be comfortable, I was wrong. They were quite comfortable. I didn't realize how comfortable until I lived through "Tale 2"

Tale 2 (2018)

A couple of year later, (specifically this last November) I was in the market again for a pair of black booties. One day, I found myself inside a Nordstrom Rack browsing the clearance section of size 8.5 shoes. I saw these cute black wedged boots with the white soles and fell in lust. Looked like a perfect replacement because it was black and it was cheap. I'd never heard of the brand "Susina" but reasoned that if they were in Nordstrom Rack, they must be good right?!

I bought them and excitedly wore them to work earlier this week. 3 hours into the workday, I slipped off the right shoe because it was causing my toes to sting. No biggie. Lunchtime came and I was walking to one of my favorite lunch spots for a quick bite. Halfway through, I turned around because my feet hurt too much and I didn't want to risk getting to my location and having to limp all the way back in pain. I got back to work and swapped my new fancy boots out for the Blondo boots in Tale 1. My feet sent me a long email to express their appreciation

(Yes I always keep a spare pair of shoes in my office)

Yet another (un)shopping lesson "painfully" learnt. I regret my impulse purchases a lot more than my intentional purchases. I'm giving the Susina pair of boots the wicket side-eye. This first performance is enough to land it in my donation pile.

Have you ever bought an item only to donate it in like-new condition because it was a fail?

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