Happy Birthday

Monday, 7 January 2019

Happy Birthday to Me!

To celebrate my birthday, the husband and kids treated me to an early dinner at the mall restaurant. After dinner, I suggested we take a quick walk through the mall.

The necessities purchased from this little trip included hats and scarfs for my twin girls plus a few clearance rack clothes for my very tall toddler who's already outgrown size 2T clothes even though he's a few months from his second birthday.

The not-so-necessaries? Well, I spied a Calendar Club of Canada outlet that was closing in 5 days and clearing inventory so I went in to take a look. I've always liked their selection of games and calendars but found them to be way over-priced.

Guess what? 

That didn't change even with store closing sale prices. I wanted to buy a few family board games but a quick check showed that their prices were STILL more expensive than online prices for the most part. Even though I've had my eye on buying the game Blokus for the family, I ended up not buying it because online price was lower. I did end up buying:

Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game
Because my twins played this once in church and have been begging for us to have it at home. Also they just turned 8 and have outgrown most of the younger games we currently have at home. Any game that keeps their attention and is not electronic is a win for me

Connect 4 Game
This game has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while but I didn't pull the trigger to add it to my shopping cart. I have fond memories of playing this as a kid and it's a step-up from tictactoe which my girls also love. Bonus points for being a 2 player game that doesn't drag on.

LifeproTip: There's a reason for Amazon's success: they do offer competitive prices. If you have a data plan, you just may find that even with discounts in brick-and-mortar stores, the online prices are still the best way to go.

More family game nights and more non-electronic activities for the twins

The kids have already played Hungry Hippos and beg to play it every night.


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