Moving Away From A Minimalist Wardrobe

Friday, 1 February 2019

My shop log from January doesn't sound very minimalist does it?

It's not! I know.

For the first time in over a decade, my wardrobe objective is NOT to curate the perfect minimalist wardrobe for my lifestyle and location. I've spent 12 years doing that and now, I'm stopping.


Some of my wardrobe favorites are coming up due for replacement. In the past, I replace worn out favorites without giving it much thought. I have however noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find replacements at the same price point, quality and level of comfort. This observation is especially true for my shoes, handbags and pants.

So I'm trying a new strategy this year. Instead of focusing on minimalism, I'm focusing on longevity of my wardrobe favorites and foundational pieces. I want them to last longer because there's no guarantee I can find suitable replacement.

  • To get my items to last longer, I need to reduce the wear on them. 
    • To reduce the wear, I need to maintenance what I have 
      • A big part of maintenance is controlling (decreasing) usage 
        • To decrease usage, I need to have more alternatives to wear

So in summary, I need to have more alternative items in the different categories of my wardrobe so that I reduce the rate of wear on the overall wardrobe. That's the plan.

Not minimalist but intentional is the wardrobe vision for 2019.

Hello stranger! What's your wardrobe vision (if any) for 2019?

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