The Dirty Side of Clothes Thrifting

Thursday, 14 February 2019

I've spent over a decade visiting thrift stores, but it wasn't until last year that I ventured into the arena of buying clothes in thrift stores. Prior to that, my favorite categories of purchases were books, CDs, DVDs and the occasional home decor. So thrifting for clothes is a new-to-me subject and with that novelty comes a pretty steep learning curve.

How many unrelated photos can I add to each blog post?

Every time I go into a thrift store, I learn something new (and sometimes unpleasant) about shopping for clothes in a thrift store. My most recent learning experience had me making a mad dash for the hand sanitizer bottle

Trigger warning: Gross anecdote ahead

So I was browsing a rack of jeans, looking at the hemlines to see which ones would fit my 32inches inseam legs. And I hit lucky. I saw a pair that looked long, the color was still bright, fabric was soft to touch and when I removed it from the rack, it was a JBrand. All for the happy price of $9.50.

I was about to do the triumphant thrifter dance when I recalled that the experts say to carefully inspect clothes before buying in a thrift store. So I carefully inspected the hems and seams and as I touched the crotch area, I casually wondered why the fabric felt stiff.

There was a 3 second disconnect between my fingers and my brain. When my brain finally figured out why the crotch area of a pair of jeans would have a patch of stiffened fabric and brain sent messages to fingers, my fingers dropped that hanger like a hot potato.

It took several swipes with disinfectant wipes and 2 minutes of skin-peeling scrubbing before I felt remotely clean.

2 days later, I'm still grossed out by the memories and the power of my own imagination.

I've found the dirty side of thrifting for clothes and now, I don't know if I should thrift in gloves going forward.

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