Setting Faux Boundaries

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

I want to buy a new handbag!

I currently have 7 handbags in my everyday use rotation but only one truly "sparks joy". The other 6? I talked myself into buying because I liked something about them and they were on sale. 

Liked but not loved. 

So now I'd like to trade them in for newer handbags. I've come close to pulling the trigger on a purchase several times but my faux-boundary stopped me.

I love this; but I shouldn't buy it. 

What is this boundary?

I'm only allowed to buy one handbag this year.

Putting every handbag I've lusted after through that test has helped me a lot. You see, I'm falling into the same trap of convincing myself that a purchase is ok because its deeply discounted and those perceived savings will make up for the fact that it's not exactly what I want. No bueno!

What do I want in my next handbag?
  1. Must have feet
  2. Beautiful rich leather
  3. Black or red (a very specific shade of red)
  4. Can be carried as a shoulder bag
  5. Medium sized

This is really quite defined in my head but inspite of that, I've been sorely tempted several times this year to buy a handbag that doesn't check all these boxes. The only thing standing between me and a regrettable handbag purchase is my faux boundary - the question "if I were to only buy one handbag in 2019, is this THE ONE?"

Boundaries work! Here's hoping I continue to stay on the right side of this one.

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