Shop Log - February

Friday, 1 March 2019

The temperature in Calgary is not the only thing that has cooled down in February. The same has happened to my initial ardor for thrift shopping. After catching a glimpse of the dirty side and facing the cost of my ignorance, I've stopped giddily buying everything I love in the thrift store.

I've sufficiently filled the holes in my wardrobe caused by my moving up from size 4 bottoms to size 6 bottoms so now I need fewer new wardrobe additions. PHEW!

So what's the shop log looking like these days? In February I added 5 new items to my wardrobe and consigned/donated 16 items - an assortment of jeans, pants, purses and shoes.

February's Numbers and log
  • 5 items bought
  • 16 items consigned/donated
  • $68 spent on new purchases; all thrifted
  • $14 current credit on my consignment store account from January's sales
  • $84 spent on alterations

Yes baby, it's still cold out there. Can't wait for spring to roll into town!

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