Unsurprising Screeching Halts

Monday, 15 April 2019

Ah, another 100 day project comes to a grinding halt!

Unsurprising to me; I dreaded the commitment

Throw in an 8 day trip out of country where I worked 16 hour days for the better part of the trip and yes, blogging about 100 items in my closet took a backseat. Really far back. Now I'm faced with the choice of either playing catch up or just letting it go. I choose to let it go like Princess Elsa.

I still love the idea of reviewing some of the quirky, loved, ugh items in my closet but I'll do it on my own timeline.

Best thing about my trip was how little I spent. Honestly, this blog is keeping me so accountable! Can't stop or my wallet suffers. Inspite of all the potentially mind-blowing shopping one can do in the UAE, I completed my trip and only added 2 "100% silk" scarves to my closet. I'm not sure that 100% silk label is accurate based on the fact that I paid $10 equivalent for each scarf but they do feel like the real deal so *shrugs*. Plus, I'm still contemplating giving them out as gifts because I already have a decent, barely used collection of scarves.

Thank you UAE for the warm, sultry days, the delicious, decadent food and all of that oil-money opulence; it's still so good to be back home though.

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