Reaching for the Pants

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Hello; howdy; long time so silent. Que pasa?

"They" says every blog post needs a photo so here ya go!

Well, I've put myself on an informal, unannounced shopping ban while I re-embrace me, my style and what makes me feel good. To that extent, I've been paying closer attention to the items I reach for in my closet. There's quite a few of them. On the other side of the spectrum, there's also items that I try to wear and end up having to change several times before heading out the door. Not really how I want to spend my mornings.

It's been quite an instruction and the objective of this post is to capture some of what I've learnt. If I can turn this into a test for every item I'm tempted to add to my closet, I would be in a much better place.

So what do I reach for and what do I skip over?

  • I reach for 2 piece outfits and skip over the dresses
  • I reach for skirts that have pockets over skirts that don't 
  • I reach for knee length skirts over mini skirts
  • I reach for pants over skirts
  • I reach for pants with a tapered bottom over straight leg pants
  • I'd wear jeans everyday if I could
  • I reach for jeans with front pockets over jeans without
  • I reach for tops that don't need ironing over my cotton button-downs
  • I reach for tops I can wear untucked and still feel feminine over tops that need to be tucked in
  • I reach for unique items that add an oomph to my total look vs boring, conventional pieces
  • I reach for blazers over long-sleeve cardigans as toppers
  • I reach for short-sleeve cardigans over long-sleeve ones
  • I reach for dark colored jackets and blazers over other colors
  • I reach for colors I can wash together over white
  • I reach for short-sleeve tops over sleeveless ones
  • I reach for wedged sandals over flat ones
  • I reach for open toe booties over conventional sandals
Well girl, here's your future shopping list. Go forth and prosper! :)

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