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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Four nights alone in a hotel room at the end of July gave me plenty of time to think and scribble. One of my scribbles was a list of ways I could spend less time shopping or Unshop myself.

  • Stop stressing! So simple yet so hard. Simply stop stressing about getting the perfect wardrobe or perfect pieces or perfect look. Let good enough be enough
  • Redirect down-time. When I'm bored, I auto-shop on my phone and laptop or end up in the nearest store. Being aware of this habit is the first step in breaking it
  • Alternative stress relief. I do shop out of stress. My alternative stress reliever is reading. I need to do more reading 
  • Alternative leisure/entertainment/recreation. That's a natural progression from the point above. Reading is my go-to hobby but the time and location isn't always conducive for digging into a novel. I need a longer list of hobbies I can default into
  • Optimize and document. Optimize my wardrobe by number of items, color palette, catalog of items and identify the gaps. Optimize and Document. This will solve the "Stop Stressing" part

So in practical terms, what does this look like?
  1. I'm using this blog to document my wardrobe plans, palette and gaps
  2. Discover new authors to borrow from the eLibrary and read on my phone. Nalini Singh is my new guilty pleasure in the romance reader department
  3. Download more games to play on my phone to distract from shopping. I'm currently enjoying Wordscapes
  4. Visit museum or watch a play for lunch. My lunch hour gives me plenty of time to browse the stores close to my office. I'm equally as close to a museum and a lunchbox theatre. I just got an annual pass to the museum and intend to put it to good use. 
  5. Question every purchase against my defined goals. 
  6. I need a physical hobby to keep me happy. This one is a challenge because I just don't enjoy exercise. But I'm also not getting younger and health needs to be a priority. Walking is one easy solution but my feet seem to walk me right into stores. This solution is a work in progress
I'd like to think easing myself into some of these practices is responsible for my very intentional July shopping. There were several items I "almost" bought but stopped because they didn't fit my current wardrobe goals.

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