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Friday, 2 August 2019

A hoot and a holler for success y'all.

July is over and the stern talking to I gave myself appears to have worked. I spent more time loving, connecting and being versus shopping

I bought just 2 (yes TWO) items in July and all were much needed.
My brave little explorer!
I've been wanting to shop at Loft without having to pay shipping and customs for being Canadian. A work trip landed me in Denver and you best believed I squeezed in a few hours after work to browse the mall on 16th Avenue. My visit to Loft landed me in the clearance section where I (for the first time) consciously bought a pair of ankle pants. The pants are similar to the ones in the picture below but I bought the olive green. What really sold me on the pants was the gold buttons on the tab and the ridiculous price of $4.75 USD. Yep, you read that right. I gave the cashier a five dollar bill and got change for a pair of pants y'all. *Happy Saver Dance*

My second purchase was yet another Banana Republic short sleeve cotton sweater, this time in black. When I said these sweaters are a wardrobe staple for me, I wasn't kidding. I am willing to baby them so I can get a good few years out of them. They really are the perfect spring-summer-fall sweater for me. This was a ~$40 buy for which I'm happy.

I wore both items in Denver before even stepping foot in Calgary. I still feel a little awkward in ankle pants but I think that feeling can be cured with the right choice of footwear. (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of black summer sandals. Preferred styles are shootie or caged sandals.)

I really feel smug about how little I shopped in July and of course, I'm aware that the feeling is enough to trigger me into uncontrolled shopping in August but... I'm hopeful that anything I buy will actually be useful AND beautiful.

Happy summer my lone but loved reader :)

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