Wardrobe Color Palette Refresh

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Another scribble that came out of my Denver trip was an update of my wardrobe color palette. Following the format I first read about on this blog, this is what my color palette looks like currently

What has changed for me over the last 5 years?

  • Burgundy and aubergine were one of my main colors. Those colors have slowly eased out of my wardrobe and been replaced by Olive Green. This is the part of my wardrobe colors that's influnced by trends. Burgundy was in a few years back but now, olive green is definitely one of the IN colors of 2019
  • Embracing gold as one of my accent colors. I didn't consider metallic shades to be part of the color palette scheme but I do love my metals in small doses but enough for them to be an accent color
  • I don't buy plain white items but I do have a lot of black and white patterned items. Enough for it to be a main color. 
  • Embracing red as an accent color without feeling shy about wearing such a loud color
  • Re-introducing navy blue and greys. As a college student, my wardrobe was black, white and blue. Period. One day I looked at it and it made me feel boring and bleh so I rebelled. I spent my late 20s and my 30s, in really bright colors and that was fun. Now though, I'm ready to settle into a majorly black and grey wardrobe without feeling stuck. 
  • Downgrading camel brown from a wardrobe neutral to an accent color. I love that particular shade for leather goods only it appears. I used to buy pants and jackets in that shade of brown but could never bring myself to wear them. 
I'm happy to use this palette as a shopping guide for the rest of the year. 

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