Shop Log - September

Monday, 30 September 2019

Well, is it safe to say I took the summer off plus some change?

I did!

I managed to miss the Shop Log post for August which would have read something like this: I bought 3 dresses

  • a casual one for at-home lounging and weekend errands ($7 from the Macys clearance rack)
  • a shirtdress for work (this one from the sales rack of Talbots, $45)
  • and a leaopard print Vince Camuto party dress WITH POCKETS! ($69.99 also from Macys)

It was a month of shopping restraint. *Pats self on back*

Cue September and I was on a "need shoes" state of mind. Luckily or unluckily, my shoe purchases from Amazon didn't turn out as planned so I returned those. My disappointment with online purchases spilled over to the clothes side as well. I order 3 tops in Tall sizes from Gap online but only one worked out. With all the online purchases that I've had to return of late, I'm beginning to lose my confidence in online clothes shopping. Having to make time to repackage an item and drop off at the post office is not a chore I want to add to my regular chore rotation. 

The 2 items that were successfully bought online are the denim skirt and gold sneakers I added to my summer wardrobe. It's weird, because of my penchant for almost always buying on sale or clearance only, I tend to buy my clothing up to a year in advance. This skirt and sneakers won't see much use until Summer 2020. The skirt is a replacement for my much loved maternity denim skirt which literally fell apart after 8 years of regular wear (I know it's been over 8 years because my twins are 8 years old). The sneakers are replacing my favorite traveling Skechers which are also falling apart. 

Less remarkable are 2 polyester tops - one red and one leopard print - and a pair of Gap size 6Tall pants. They fall under impulse purchases of questionable longevity that I need as part of my office wardrobe. I say "questionable longevity" because polyester always develops a smell that my nose is sensitive to. These are items that I buy cheap, they're not high quality but they're needed to complete my outfits and they'll last a season or two. For me, some tops are not investment pieces; they're things I need to wear so I'm not wearing my blazer jackets naked :)

Fall's here and I already wore my new sweater - loved it. Happy pumpkin spice season to you!

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