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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Well, October is come and gone and also gone with it are all my unmet goals and ambitions.

Body Goals
Exercise everyday in October. Well, I did this for the first 10 days then stopped because I hate physically straining myself during that special time of the month.

Mind Goals
Finish reading ONE of the books on my bedside. Sorta tried to finish Oprah's "What I know for Sure" but then it was due to return to the library. HOWEVER, I did finish ready the $100 Startup ebook.

Spirit Goals
Catch up on all the church sermon podcasts I missed over the summer. DONE!!!

Soul Goals
Have fun with my photography and participate in this photo challenge. You can track my attempts on my instagram pageLOL! Mission failed. I couldn't relate to some of the prompts unfortunately but I tried for a few days and particularly love this photo that took over 10 tries to get just right.

Also, I never met a personality test I didn't want to jump on so when Sherri showed her results on this test, I ran straight to the website to try it out. 

Well, well, well. That's not how I would describe myself but... it's really hard to argue with this when I review the tone of my blogging history. So moving on to how I attempted to buy myself happiness by clothes shopping in October, here's what I bought

  • Dillon Classic shirt from Banana Republic. Bought because it's 100% silk and on sale and in a color I can wear under all my sweaters and jackets
  • 2 pairs of dress boots that I can wear year-round that were not black. Trying to get familiar with more comfort brands so I got one from Pikolinos and one from Rieker. Both shoes are or have a smidge of oxblood color which I'm currently digging.
  • 3 Eddie Bauer Thermal tees. Same tees in 3 different colors as replacement for my worn out L/S winter tees from GAP. I went with EB because when I was pregnant, I lived in their men's thermal tees all winter long and they were the coziest ish ever. I still wear that tee to bed when I'm too cold. I'm hoping the women's version is as warm and better cut for me to wear under a work jacket. Order hasn't been delivered yet so verdict's still out.
Yah, so I could be a hedonist because I'd spend money on thermal tees that just add a dose of sunshine to my soul in the 6 month winters of Calgary. :)

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