Hello October!

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

P.S: Your unfulfilled potential is still breaking my heart!

Another Nigerian Immigrant & now proud Canadian

Yesterday was Orange Shirt day. It was observed by my daughters' school and they told me all about what they learned on the way home. Even though they're only 8 years old, I found the instruction given to them on  the residential school horrors so flaky that I resolved to access some resources and give them a more realistic overview of what that period was like. This is the time to start introducing them to the history of civil rights, race relations and the indigenous cultures of North America.

Refocusing myself on the intentional portion of this blog, here's a public acknowledgement of the goals I have for October.

Body Goals

  • Exercise everyday in October. 

Mind Goals

  • Finish reading ONE of the books on my bedside

Spirit Goals

  • Catch up on all the church sermon podcasts I missed over the summer

Soul Goals

I feel like I'm coming out of a 3 year life rut and goal-setting is one of the tools that will help me get to the ME I want to be.

Less shopping as a form of therapy and entertainment. More life!

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