Shop Log - January

Thursday, 31 January 2019

January is always a heavy shopping month for me because
a) it's my birthday month and I buy myself presents
b) it's when I'm able to buy winter garments on sale and fill the holes in my wardrobe

This January has been especially busy for me because I've also finally embraced the fact that I can no longer fit into most of my size 4 bottoms. I'm having to replace all my bottoms with size 6s and that has been fun(not). I've been in size 4 bottoms for the last 8 years and some of the items I own are that old. I however made the shocking discovery that the quality and sizing of my trusted brands have changed a lot over the years.

Case in point: I got 2 pairs of size 6 X 32 Calvin Klein Skinny jeans and immediately washed them because I've always trusted Calvin Klein's sizing. GUESS WHAT? I couldn't get the leg of the jeans past my ankle; it was that skinny. Ultra Skinny they called it! I'm faced with 2 options: rip the bottom few inches of the jeans and pretend it's some unique fashion statement or donate immediately. Right now I'm going with the donate option because I purchased those jeans for work and I don't see how they can be amended and still passed off as Business Casual.

Lesson Learnt!

On a more positive note, I have been very lucky in finding size 6Long pants in the thrift stores. I have an inseam 32 and pants are really hard to find in-store. Finding my size in not just retail stores but thrift stores was like hitting gold. So without further ado, here's my list of wardrobe additions and subtractions for the month

Banana Republic Brown pencil skirt  $8 Thrifted Fits beautifully. Dry cleaned
BCBG Black mini bubble skirt $20 Thrifted Snug at the waist, dry cleaned
JCrew Grey wool pencil skirt $20 Thrifted Snug at the waist, dry cleaned
Gap Purple corduroy pants $15 Thrifted Needs alteration; too long
Club Monaco Wool pinstripe pants $10 Thrifted Needs alteration, drycleaned
Tommy Hilfiger Grey jewelled sweater $8 Thrifted Loving this one
Banana Republic Pink cashmere sweater $7 Thrifted
Banana Republic Grey merino sweater $7 Thrifted
Banana Republic Grey & cream sweater $6 Thrifted
No label Grey color block tunic $4 Thrifted
Buffalo David Bitton Grey corduroy pants $4 Thrifted
Calvin Klein Black skinny jeans $30 New Immediately donated/consigned
Calvin Klein Black skinny jeans $30 New Immediately donated/consigned
Cynthia Rowley Multicolored summer dress $25 Thrifted For summer
Joseph Ribkoff Navy blue & white striped dress $25 Thrifted For summer
Ralph Lauren Pink & white striped shirt $10 Thrifted

Yes, I'm learning a lot about dressing for cold weather and choosing the right fabrics. A lot has been said about wool as the best choice and I'm trying to embrace it. 

Number of items donated/consigned this month: 10 - basically of collection to now-too-small jeans, pants and tops.

Wardrobe Investments: Shoe brush for my black suede boots and scuff polish for my black boots that were looking half-dead. This thing works! The boots now look like I can get another couple of years wear out of them. 

They say January is the door to the year and so far, I like where this door is leading. 

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