The Impossible 4 Season Wardrobe

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

8 years ago when I first stepped foot on Canadian soil as a new immigrant, one of my goals was to build a 4-season wardrobe. 

"What's that?" you ask. I wanted an optimally sized collection of outfits that I could wear year-round. That was my ultimate goal as a lifelong minimalist. 

This morning, as I stared blankly into my closet trying to decide what to wear for what promises to be a very cold winter day, I accepted the fact which I have fought for the last 8 years: A Four Season Wardrobe is Impossible while living in Calgary.

All the people I've found with 4 season wardrobes live in some city with cute winters like Orlando, Vancouver or London. I live in Calgary people! Calgary in the Great Dominion of Canada; also known as the great white north. We don't do wimpy or cute weathers in this part of the green globe. Nope! Our summers are steamy, our winters are chilly and the spring/fall can be anything between those two.

Having immigrated from a tropical country, it took me a while to learn the intricacies of dressing for the winter but I finally did. And with that knowledge came the following realizations: 
  1. My favorite spring/summer/fall cotton pants are not suitable for winter
  2. Layering is a must to stay warm in Calgary winters
  3. I HATE wearing tights or leggings under pants
  4. All my pants are slim or skinny and with my post-baby change in size, there's no room in there for a baselayer
  5. The only thing I would wear on top of warm winter tights is a skirt
  6. I own exactly ONE work skirt (not counting the one I just bought which hasn't been drycleaned yet)
  7. My wardrobe is wholly inadequate for winter. Need a plan!
My plan is to carefully consider what my winter uniform will be and start purchasing the necessary items - hopefully in March when winter clothes are on sale to make way for the spring season.

Extra hopefully that my meagre wardrobe can cope till then and I don't freeze my bodyparts off. So far, outside of a few wonky days, it's been a mild winter by Calgary standards. 

Have you made any unwanted realizations lately?

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