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Saturday, 5 January 2019

So it all started with a collision in late November. My car got side-swipped and spent a couple of weeks in the bodyshop. When I finally got the car back, the fuel tank cap wouldn't open. You can't imagine the anxiety of being in a gas station with 3 kids in the car, an empty gas tank and absolute cluelessness on why the button wasn't opening the gas cap door. Luckily, Mr Google came to the rescue and I was able to manually open that cap 25 HARROWING MINUTES LATER.

Here's a peaceful photo of white lilacs to transition this post from the high-tension life moment into my unshopping story.

The problem needed fixing ASAP; which is how I ended up at the dealership on a beautiful, midday Friday. The shop needed a couple of hours to do their magic so I settled upon walking to nearby thrift store to browse their selection. I walked away with:

LeCreuset Nonstick StirFry Pan
I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this sitting on the bottom shelf for $40. I've been hanging out on a cooking forum and going through a "need-to-buy-better-cookware" stage. I've also been making more stir-fry as part of my dinner menu plan and it's one of those few things my kids will eat with few to no complaints.

Did I need it? No. So far I've been making my stirfrys in a cast iron skillet but I liked that this was a deeper pan that could hold more food so I bought it. Plus a $335 pan being sold for $40 in like new condition? Yeah, I definitely couldn't walk away.

Banana Republic Work Skirt
I bought this skirt because it was lined, had pockets, was in a neutral color and from a brand I sorta trust to keep me looking professional. I figured it was a decent addition to my work wardrobe for all of $7

Did I need it? Not at all. I barely wear skirts. I wish I wore more skirts but the truth is that when I wake up in the morning, the first thing my spirit reaches for is a pair of jeans. Plus it's Dry Clean Only. Ain't nobody got time for that! I have to wear it soon (after I take it to the drycleaners) to appease the guilty feelings.

The World According to Mr Rogers (affiliate links here and below)
I've never watch any of the Fred Rogers shows but he has been in the news recently and in a good way. Apparently he's this real cool dude who related to kids at their level and inspired them to be better people. I plan to watch the documentary about him someday if I ever find time in front of the TV.

I found this little hardcover authored by him and flipping through it, liked the nuggets of wisdom at first glance. I figured this was a book that my kids and I could benefit from reading both now and in the future so I plunked down $2 for it.

Postscript 1
I made stirfry with the LeCreuset pan ANNNNNND I was a little disappointed with the heating behaviour. It didn't get hot fast enough or stay hot with the consistency of my cast iron skillet. It still has it's place in my kitchen but just not as a stirfry pan.

Postscript 2
The flowers in the photo may not be lilacs. Don't blame me if I'm wrong please. I grew up in the tropics and still struggle with identifying North American plants.

And a happy weekend to you too!

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