The Cost of Ignorance

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Lesson #3: Winter Fabrics

Cotton is for summer and wool is for winter!

That's what I read, what I believed and what I used as my reason for stockpiling wool pants since beginning of the year. Armed with my new pairs of woolies, I was ready to stare-down Calgary's coldest February in 30+ years.

My defiance and swagger lasted a few hundred meters into my outdoor walk. Then my thighs started freezing over. Why is this not working for me! Did I get it wrong? My wool pants are quite lightweight but I believed that to be part of their magic right?!

Lightweight but warm.

I did casually wonder why they were not as bulky as wool sweaters.. then the light bulb slowly flickered on in my head.
Wool pants come in different weights.
Lightweight = summer wear.
Heavyweight = winter wear
Every wool pant I bought is lightweight and designed for summer weather. I STILL have not mastered this winter dressing lesson obviously and my ignorance cost me $xxx in lightweight wool skirts and pants that are totally helpless against this monster February that Calgary is having.

I'm revising the study material by trying to understand exactly what to look for in winter pants from this blogpost.

Scoring myself an A- for effort, C- for results!

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