Unfavorable Trends of Fashion

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

I have to confess that buying pants in the last couple of years has been a painful experience for me in more ways than one. I've struggled to find pants that were formal enough for work, in a fabric that I liked and a length that didn't leave me looking like Michael Jackson without the talent. As my old pants age, I've watched my pants wardrobe shrink to a measly 2 decent work pants due to this problem.

Conversely, since I've come to embrace buying clothes in the thrift stores, I've been having a field day adding new-to-me pants to my wardrobe. An embarrassing amount of pants if I should be totally honest. The scientist in me found this situation really confusing... my dissatisfaction with retail offerings versus my delirium with thrift store offerings. Then the light bulb clicked!

The trends no longer favor me!

The ankle-length pants trend of today is not my best friend. The bootleg pants trend of yesteryear on the other hand, favored me because it was easier to find inseam 32in in regular pants without shopping the "Tall" section. Of course, most of the trendy fashionistas are getting rid of their longer length pants and making me the very grateful recipient of their thrift store largess.
A yesteryear bouquet for a post reminiscing about the yesteryears

This is the most obvious but not the only trend that's locked me out of today's fashion. The other one is pants' rise. I love low-rise pants because#muffintop. Unfortunately lowrise pants seem to have gone out of fashion a few years ago and we are now in the era of high-rise pants. I can't imagine a situation where I will be squeezing myself into high-rise pants without pain and regrets.

Again, the fashion trendsetters are not looking on me with favor.

But such is life. Just like bell-bottom pants that my parents rocked in their heydays, I know all trends will eventually be back.

How are today's trends treating you lone reader?


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