Project Wool Socks - FAQ

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Remember my little project wool socks? The one I talked about a couple of days ago; if you got questions, I have answers. Here goes

  1. Why are all the socks so colorful? This way my husband doesn't mistake them for his and turn them into size 10 shoe-socks
  2. Won't they clash with your outfits? No. I've never bother to match my accessories to my outfits. Life's too short to not wear colorful shoes or handbags or socks as I feel like
  3. Wait, is that a maple leaf on one of the socks? Why yes! My Canadian ass could not walk away from a pair of socks with a maple leaf design #dontjudge
  4. Do they itch? No. Wool on my upper body itches me, but not on my lower body. I don't understand this phenomenon but I embrace it.

From the Dior Exhibit at a local museum. I like Mr Dior's taste in accessories.

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