3 Brands I Love AND Buy

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

When it comes to buying clothes on retail, I'm the poster child for marketing teams all over the world. I am an extremely brand loyal shopper with a dedication to some of "my brands" that spans decades. Yep, those brands that were cool to me when I was in high-school still get priority access to my wallet and dollars 20+ years later. The are the brands who have stayed true and dependable through my various transitions from nerdy teenager to broke college student to single girl with free cashflow to mummy with the tummy.

In order of longetivity, lets start with

Clarks Shoes: The OG school sandals of my secondary school days. The first pair I ever bought of my own accord lasted through my last 3 years of secondary school. Since that initial meeting, I've always gravitated to Clarks shoes whenever the opportunity arises. I know that I can trust the fit and comfort with testing. Of course in recent times, they've introduced new product lines that leave me confused and I realized that their not-boots are very clunky in appearance. Still, there hasn't been a moment in time in the last 25 years when I haven't had at least one pair of Clarks shoes in my closet.

What?! This photo has no bearing on the post? Forgive me!

Tommy Hilfiger: "Tommy" came out (to Nigeria anyway) with a bang in my early college years and captured my imagination of kids immediately. I love the strong basic colors and preppy aesthetics of Tommy Hilfiger and have always gravitated towards their button-down shirts, polos and sweaters. This is another brand I've worn for most of my adult life until this year. My last set of Tommy sweaters are now faded and shrunken and currently sitting in the donation pile. Until I replace those, my closet is Tommy-Free for the first time in 18 years.

GAP: I vaguely recall buying my item from GAP in London, England 16ish years ago. The Gap name was synonymous with quality and I automatically gravitated towards their "crisp + comfortable" aesthetics. Over the years however, there's been a decline in quality and fit that definitely lost me as a customer for a few years. I came back into the fold when I had kids and discovered the quality of Gap kids clothes was still high up there. My experience with Gap has been that the main lines for adults still have unpredictable quality but I'm happy with the kids' lines and it's one of the few places I can shop for tall clothes.


Next up, 3 brands I used to love; emphasis on USED TO.


  1. I love Clarks shoes! I have a pair of low wedge sandals I live in during warm weather, just tossed them after about 5 summers. Luckily I bought another pair that's been patiently waiting on the shelf. They changed the style the year after I bought them to a clunkier one so I'm glad I bought the back-up pair. Probably my biggest gripe about Clarks- they tweak styles almost every year so if I find something I love sometimes I buy an extra pair.

    1. Hello Elle, I think you're on to something. I need to start buying back-up pairs for items I really love because the hunts are getting harder and harder.


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