3 Brands No Longer Loved

Thursday, 9 May 2019

If I'm going to start off the week talking about brands I love and buy, I might as well cap that off with the opposite: brands I USED to love and buy aka the ones I fell out of love with. The old flames that have to stay in the past. Some of those relationships were longer than others; some fizzled out while others exploded in a mass of emotions

Not in order of disappointment, lets start with

Ralph Lauren: This is the relationship that was dissolved in a mass of angry emotions and intense disappointment. For years, Ralph Lauren tops and jeans were my go-to professional wear. If I entered a department store, I always made a beeline for the Ralph Lauren section. (a habit I still have today to be honest). But like a body-shaming boyfriend, Ralph  Lauren seems to not like the "womanly curves" I grew after birthing twins and the hormones of middle age hit me with a bang. Suddenly, my arms and stomach were too fat for the tops, my legs to long for the jeans. It took a while for me to accept the new norm as I dismissed the first few sets of ill-fitting items as a fluke. Finally I faced the truth and parted ways with Mr Lauren and his beautifully tailored tops. I'm ready to fall in love again if he knocks on my door holding a bouquet of generously cut sleeves and waist. Yes I am that easy!

There's gotta be a correlation between this post and male peacocks right?!

Express: This is the relationship that did not survive the whole long-distance thing. When I started my career fresh out of college, I was a size 0. Express Clothing was one of the extremely few brands that offered professional work pants in size 0 with a 32 inch inseam at an affordable price and made my teeny butt look good too. They loved me just the way I was and I rewarded that love with a decade of loyalty that spawned 2 countries plus several pairs of Editor pants, Columnist pants and jeans in size 0 to 4. The relationship came to a sad and abrupt end when Express Fashion decided to shutdown all their stores in Canada. We still have each other's phone numbers and I know I'll be looking them up whenever I'm in the USA

Calvin Klein Jeans: When this relationship started, Calvin Klein would size their jeans by waist size  and inseam; so finding my 27 X 32 in the department store jeans-jungle was easy. I always had at least 2 pairs of CK Jeans in my wardrobe at any point in time - one black and one blue. They were my trusted source for black jeans. Once my current pairs started fading after a couple of years, I'd replace with almost the exact same style and was never disappointed UNTIL this year. To start off, they stopped putting the inseam size on the jeans I could find and when I tried them on, they were too short. I became quite desperate as my wardrobe was currently without any passable pair of black jeans. Desperation leads people to do crazy things I guess. When I came across a black pair of CK skinny jeans in 27 X 32, I was so ecstatic that I bought 2 pairs. I've never bought items in duplicate before until that day. The entire exercise in disappointment is captured in my January Shop Log. I was so hurt by results that I broke it off immediately and there's no chance of a reunion. I already got a pair of black Hudson jeans that I love so the boat has sailed on this one.

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  1. It's so frustrating when a brand that's been a go-to lets you down. I used to buy a lot from Gap, but the quality went downhill a while back and I haven't even stepped inside one in years.


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