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Friday, 3 May 2019

Psychologist heal thine self is the theme for this month if there ever was one.

The end of March put me in a STOP-SHOP state of mind. I patted myself on the back for traveling to a foreign country and not shopping my wallet skinny. It was all going well until I had a series of stressful days back to back and all the wheels came off.

I hit the stores back-to-back and hauled away $200 worth of clothes for me and the kids in the space of 5 hours. Considering that these shops were all thrift stores, that's roughly 20 items of clothing that I added to our home. My share of this bounty included: 
  • Anne Klein black and white blazer jacket
  • Joseph Abboud black blazer jacket
  • Tweed pants for winter
  • 5 short sleeved tops for spring to fall
  • Alfred Sung white long-sleeve button down shirt
  • Geox suede wedges

Spring was here in Calgary for all of 4 days y'all!

As I flung great finds into my shopping cart, the little psychologist on my shoulder yelled loudly and sternly "you're over shopping because you're stressed". Thanks Einstein! Tell me something that I don't know! I knew this to be the truth. I accepted it and did not attempt to pull back on my shopping trips. I needed it.

Once the storm passed and the dust had settled, I dug deeper into my "why" space to find a reason for my stress shopping.

Answer? Shopping allows me to fill a need I've identified in my life. Filling that need is an easy way of feeling that I'm in control of some aspect of my life. This trip allowed me to fill my kids' need for Easter clothes and my need for more blazer jackets. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad.

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