Unexpected Handbag Addition

Monday, 27 May 2019

I've been curtailing my need to randomly buy handbags by setting a faux boundary for myself this year. I can only buy ONE handbag in the 12 month period between January and December 2019. This boundary has been quite effective in curbing any impulse purchases.

However, on Mother's day I got a very lovely surprise in the form of this Kate Spade bag. It's so spot on and checks the boxes of everything I look for in a handbag:

  • has feet
  • 3 compartments, 2 open and 1 zipped for my wallet
  • Medium sized

My baby girls have exquisite taste if I may say so myself. I love that they dragged their father all over the mall looking for the perfect present for mommy and finally settled on this. Every time I carry it, they're little faces light up and that makes me love this bag even more. I cherish the givers so much more than the beautiful gift.  

I've been looking for a spring bag and this one fits the niche beautifully. To be honest, I would never pick this bag if I was shopping for myself but if I was to define a bag as chasing away the winter blues, this perky little girl would be it. It's my official May bag.

Does that mean I'm no longer looking for my one handbag of 2019? Absolutely not!

PS: Yes, my handbag collection is divided into seasons and my ultimate goal is to own 12 handbags; one for each month of the year just because that's how my brain is wired for this.

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