Hold on to your Buckles

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Hold on to your shoe buckles dear friends, the unfavorable winds of fashion are blowing furiously hard again!

Summer is finally here in Calgary and I'm on the hunt for a pair of black sandals. Well, this hunt has uncovered a really disheartening (to me) trend :


Yes, there's now a proliferation of nice leather shoes with Velcro fastenings in the store. Consider my mind blown. If I want to buy leather sandals, I expect them to have a nice buckle attached. My experience with Velcro on shoes (both mine and the kids) has been fairly negative. Fact is buckles last longer than Velcro. To me Velcro feels cheap because it is cheap.

I know for a fact that most so called fashion trends  are actually just a smart way for clothing manufacturers to make money by reducing their manufacturing costs. Velcro on shoes is way cheaper than a fabricated piece of metal; so they're saving money on materials. The time spent tacking two pieces of Velcro on strap versus the time and skill required to craft a buckle fastening is substantial when you look at large-scale manufacturing. Switching to Velcro is also a huge cost savings on labor costs for manufacturers as well.

So, strip the surface of the so-called trend and all that's left is manufacturers trying to pass off cheaper goods to consumers for the same price.

I've been to all the normal places I would shop for shoes and the number of sandals with velcro is like a 50 percent split right now. Just like ankle pants, I know this trend is going to catch on and stay in stores for a while; so I'm going to be holding on to my buckle shoes because I know replacing them just got harder. And if/when I do find the black sandals of my dreams complete with a buckle, I will be more willing to pay a premium for that buckle.

I guess either way, the manufacturers win the money game.

Have you seen any trends that make you want to get into panic-buying mode?

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