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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Boy has it been quiet around here! Truth be told, I'm still smarting from my latest failure at redefining my style. What failure?

Well, I can tell you a fair number of the items I bought in January and February are already donated or earmarked for donation. That's the cycle I need to break yet again.

Maintaining a minimalist(ish) closet not because I buy a few items but because I have a revolving door of buying, selling/donating and buying all over again.

At least now my obsession with thrift shopping has withered down.

The only item I bought this month was a new knee-length winter coat. My old one (Eddie Bauer) and owned for 6 years is starting to lose feathers and feel a little snug. 6 years ago, I was a size S in winter jackets. Now, I need more room for my sweaters, layering pieces and mom-bod so looking for a size M replacement. I've been scouring the websites for months looking for a deal on jackets and finally I decided to go to the local Mountain Equipment Coop store and see what they had in their clearance rack.

I struck gold and came off with this Patagonia Idyllwild Parka. I've heard good things about Patagonia's lifetime warranty but the prices always scared me off. Not this time. This jacket was on sale for $239 as opposed to full price of $399. I tried it on and it felt warm but not too heavy. Bonus points for it being insulated with synthetic materials and not down feathers. Sure down if warmer but the whole shedding feathers thing is not for me.

I'm looking forward to finessing my winter dressing skills with this baby.

Other additions to the wardrobe include 3 short sleeve sweaters and 1 long sleeve sweater all ordered online from Simons. I've been on the hunt for short-sleeve sweaters because they're the perfect 4-season tops for Calgary weather. I've given up on finding them in 100% cotton so I reluctantly ordered these 3 from Simons.

First impression? Color me unimpressed. I had hoped I could wear them to work without needing a topper but they look too blah and casual so I'll always need to wear them under a proper blazer. On the positive note, I've owned another sweater in this same fabric and it's lasted at least 2 years so there is that.

Subtractions to the wardrobe? The bulk of everything top and shoe I got from the thrift store. The only real winners here are a handful of pants and my Tahari Jacket

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