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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

My last post showcased the categories I have in my work wardrobe capsule (which is the portion of my wardrobe that occupies 80% of my effort). With this post, I want to highlight how the different categories overlap to help me build my four season wardrobe.

How does this help?
I am still trying to build a four season wardrobe in Calgary in spite of the fact that this is a city that's dry as a desert but still has 100-year floods. Our temperatures can range from -40C to +30C (sometimes within the same month if we get a nice winter chinook). So yes, the four season wardrobe is a challenge but I'm not giving up.

My objective is to buy (or as the fashionistas say, curate)  a selection of items that can do the most year round and still fit my aesthetics. As this shows, my all year wardrobe workhorses are

  • Lightweight sweaters
  • Skinny/Straight pants
That's my default uniform and any category outside of those 3 just exists to extend the wearability of my workhorses into the needed season. What do I mean? Examples are below:
  1. when it's too hot, I can swap the lightweight sweater for button down shirts which are all cotton OR swap the pants for skirts
  2. when it's too cold, I swap out skinny pants for the warmer corduroys OR switch to chunky sweaters OR throw a jacket on top of the outfit OR do all three
  3. when I need to look more formal, I switch to button down shirts and add a blazer to the mix
See what I mean? Putting this down in words is really helping me articulate how I've been planning my wardrobe. I'm beginning to realize what my central theme is and how I move the pieces/categories around to make things possible. 

This is an academic exercise that the engineer in me is very proud of!

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