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Friday, 12 July 2019

This week, I've been focusing on wardrobe planning, specifically how I manage the size and aesthetics of my wardrobe by using categories and trying to (but not always) own 3 items in each category. Today, I'll focus on the usefulness of categories and how I choose which categories to buy and which ones to miss.
A beautiful, stress-less day in Puerto Rico

The starting point is my favored aesthetics. This is it in 4 variations that I have saved on my Pinterest board.

This is my desired aesthetics for "business casual" but adapted to me.

Top left photo: Love the look so I know blazers, slim pants and boots are categories that I will continue to invest in. I find turtlenecks to be uncomfortable so that's a category I would not buy into. Instead, of turtlenecks, I have mockneck ribbed tees

Top right photo: With this look, I know I can add button-down shirts to my outfit formula without changing the aesthetics. I don't like pumps so that's a no. Also don't like the length of the pants so I know full-length pants will still be my default

Bottom left photo: This is a fall/spring casual variant of my look. Swapping to long-sleeve sweater and jeans. Analysing this look further, the sweater is heavier weight and not body hugging; hence the chunky sweaters category. This is a look for skinny bottoms and not straight. Straight would take it into frumpy zone so I know to have variations in the skinniness of my pants and jeans so that some of them work with the chunky top look.

Bottom right photo: This the winter, layering adaptation of my wardrobe categories. Button-down shirt under sweater with pants. How does this guide my selection into those categories? I know I want a sweater with a neckline that allows layering a collared shirt. The sweater also needs to have sleeves that are loose enough for me to wear another layer under but light enough to fit into the sleeve of my winter jacket. Knowing those requirements helps me optimize the time spent evaluating potential purchases.

Thanks for following along so far. How do you manage your wardrobe? Is categorization a thing for you?

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