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Friday, 5 July 2019

Yah, I tried to ostrich my way out of a June shop log but the sand kicked my buried head out so here I am.

And yes, contrary to my earlier declaration of no shopping, I had a few days off work in the last week of June and spent 3 of those days bonding with me kids and 1 day blowing my no-shopping June out of the water.

I shopped and I donated; the revolving door of my closet continues to spin at a steady pace. My best find was "THE BAG". The one that if that's all I buy this year, I'm happy. It's the Coach Parker Carry All that was in the clearance section of The Bay.  This bag checks all the criteria that I have for my next bag. I used to want to stick to only one handbag per designer at any point in time; and since I already have a Coach bag, I didn't want to add a second. I've recently kabooshed that wardrobe rule because Coach handbags have been looking very good to me of late. I'm glad I did.

My plan is for this bag to replace my Kate Spade black quilted leather bag as I do not keep multiple handbags in the same color. The Kate Spade is listed for sale on our resale website so now I'm just waiting for any takers. What's wrong with the Kate Spade? Nothing physically but I find it too boring and stodgy for my desired aesthetic.
This is the bag getting replaced
Apart from da bag, I also added 3 pairs of pants from the Banana Republic/Gap tall section to my collection as well as 3 short-sleeve sweaters. There's a method to this madness, though it's not so obvious. With these purchases, I've rounded out my collection of warm weather pants to 5 pairs and short sleeve sweaters to 5 as well. That's how I build my wardrobe capsule in categories.

Speaking of capsules and categories, the other category that got filled in June was the blazer category. Since I rediscovered my love of blazers earlier this year, I've wanted to build up that category into a number of colors and styles that work for me. I had 1 navy blue, 1 denim blue (on it's last legs) and 3 styles of black. What I was missing was grey. I found the perfect-for-me grey ponte sweater also in Banana Republic and that helps me close out that category. It's also currently sold out but I found it in store for around $80.

PS: Banana Republic had really good deals in June so that made me splurge on some of their basics.

P.P.S: I need to do a post on my wardrobe categories so the method to the madness is better explained

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